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Everything you need
to feel good about
your spending

and save for whatever makes you happy

How does money
make you feel?




66% of our customers feel less stressed by money.

Our technology gives you

A monthly forecast of how your finances will look at the end of the month. 

It tells you how much
money you have left to
play with. Or save with.

It combines all your
household accounts, income and expenses in one secure space.

With personalised
content, smart insights
and actionable steps that save you money.

Monthly spending goals that help you save for whatever makes you happy.

Chat updates that build
confidence and keep
your spending on track.

A team of financial experts
who are always there to
chat to.

Little wonder,

100,000 people
worldwide use RiseUp
to feel brighter about        their money.

And when you feel
brighter about money
you feel brighter about
everything else.

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